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Do you want the best of Africa Safari experience from the very people who understand better their environment and safari experiences? Do you want also to Support the local communities that Host the wildlife? That is what Trekk Gorilla exactly does we contribute towards communities.

Trek Gorilla Safaris is a Local Tour and Travel Company that provides you with the best in The BIG FIVE Wildlife Safari, Primate Safaris and also City Tours. We give our clients an invaluable experience from the very Local Uganda.

  • First Class Flights

  • 5 Star Accommodations

  • Inclusive Packages

  • Latest Model Vehicles

  • Handpicked Hotels

  • Accesibility managment

  • 10 Languages available

  • +120 Premium city tours

Our Values

We offer daily tours

At anytime of the Year, Month and week, we offer you an Africa Safari to one or any of our Great Destinations.

Endangered Wildlife

We will take you to view some of the most endangered species of this World the Gorilla in the heart of Africa.

Pygmy Itineraries

You have an option to go and visit the most endangered Human species called the Pygmies (Batwa) of Uganda.

We offer daily tours

We give you a professional experience with all our safaris with an English speaking Guide and driver.

Best price guarantee

We can guarantee our clients the best price for the different itineraries for all our Safari activities.

Epic journeys

You will be entreated to Epic journeys with us in the Heart of African wildlife safari activities and travels.

Eco lodges & tours

We arrange your resting times at Uganda's best Eco lodges in the heart of our Safari destinations for the best Prices.

Never lose your deposit

When you deposit with us, your deposit is safe until used. In case you fail to come as expected you can postpone.
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